We have constituted hundreds of Wyoming corporations and limited liability companies.

Western Agents, Inc. is a Jackson Hole, Wyoming registered agent service. We take pride in our attention to detail and thoroughness in helping you keep your Wyoming business in good standing with the Wyoming Secretary of State. For annual company meetings and other scheduled meetings, clients have access to a nicely appointed law office conference room three blocks off the Jackson Town Square.  The conference room includes a large video screen for Zoom, TeamViewer, Skype and other digital meeting platforms. For adventure-oriented clients we also have access to custom river trips to a private ranch

riverside tipi camp for gourmet catered meetings. We maintain a high degree of privacy and confidentiality to protect our Wyoming business clients. Additional legal services are available for business and estate planning clients through our host office. Out-of-state and international clients looking to hold company meetings in a beautiful setting will be pleased with the quality of our service and the tremendous amenities of Jackson Hole, the Snake River, Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park.

For more information on how we can assist you in setting up your Wyoming business please email us

Our Host Company: Carlman Legal Services, LLC

Carlman Legal Services, LLC concentrates in estate planning to help families create and implement strategies for intergenerational health, prosperity, and meaning. Related services include business entity formation and annual corporate hygiene, real estate transactions and ongoing property law support, and business succession design and implementation. We help successful families define their success in ways that promote respect and well-being and advance their interests in community causes.

Clients of Western Agents, Inc. do not, solely by virtue of using Western Agents, Inc., establish an attorney-client relationship with Carlman Legal Services, LLC or Leonard R. Carlman.

Serving in the practice of law since 1996. 

Extern for US Federal District Judge Alan B. Johnson (District of Wyoming)  

Partner in private practice in Jackson, Wyoming 

Hess Carlman & D’Amours, LLC 

2012 – present
Carlman Legal Services, LLC 

Why is this bird singing?

That’s easy; Western Meadowlarks sing a lot! Their song isn’t long or complicated, but it is strong and resonant. It carries across wide open spaces. Six western states, (Wyoming + MT, OR, NB, KS, ND), recognize Sturnella neglecta as their official state bird. It’s our official company bird too! Western Agents, Inc. is your company’s background partner. We are a Wyoming business helping you, and others from all across the United States and around the world, keep your company in good standing with the Wyoming Secretary of State. We’re proud of the excellent work that our partners in the Wyoming Secretary of State’s office do every day and glad to share our State’s official bird with you.

The Photography

Our website features beautiful black and white landscapes from Jackson Hole photographer Edward Riddell. Ed is a renowned photographer who was first drawn to Grand Teton National Park in the early 1970s by the abundance of natural beauty and access to recreational activities. He still gets up before dawn, treks to places of special beauty, and puts his talents to work.

To see more of Ed Riddell’s work and learn about owning your favorite images visit his website at www.edwardriddell.com

Do you like this website?

I do. Here’s why:

All of us in our lives, including the parts of our lives we devote to work, have some ambition to be distinctive, different, ourselves. An internet website lets us offer ourselves to the world more or less on our own terms, to say to the world, ‘here I am.’ I’m honored to have photos and a design sensibility that imbue the middle word in that declaration, ‘I,’ with a lifetime context of Jackson Hole, Yellowstone, and family that is genuinely personal. I’ve been admiring Ed Riddell’s images for more than 40 years; many of them are as familiar to my eyes as old friends. The photos are good; they are lifetime achievements of a landscape

artist, a technical master, and a passionate citizen of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. The pictures let clients know they are not engaging with a 1-800-law-office, but rather with a firm that is distinctive, different, itself, aiming for high achievement, attentive to details and with an eye for excellence.If the registered agent firm (and its host law firm) can hit those targets for itself, on its website (thank you Creative Curiosity!), and in its daily practice, then clients –  you –  may have confidence that your business standing, your estate plan, (your lifetime commitments of both your worldly goods and your values), will properly reflect the unique person that you are and the forces that helped you thrive.

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