A premier provider of commercial registered agent services in Wyoming.

At Western Agents, Inc., we take pride in our attention to detail and thoroughness in helping you keep your entity in good standing with the Wyoming Secretary of State. We are hosted by the law offices of Carlman Legal Services, LLC.

Why Do I Need a Wyoming Registered Agent?

Each “corporate entity”, such as limited liability companies, limited partnerships, and corporations formed in Wyoming, or engaging in business in Wyoming, must designate a registered agent in the State of Wyoming.

The duties of the registered agent include receiving and forwarding legal documents and other important correspondence. Western Agents, Inc. takes pride in performing that duty quickly at no additional charge.  As a higher level of service, our conference room and office facilities are available to your entity without charge, on a space available basis.


Email us at info@westernagentswy.com

Wyoming Registered Agent Services

Use our physical address in Wyoming and keep your info off of public records.
With our downtown Jackson Hole location we will be the legal contact person for your business during business hours.
We receive process notices, correspondence from the Secretary of State, and other official government notifications.
We notify you of any mandatory tax payments, lawsuits, judgments or other lawfully served communications involving your business.


Email us at info@westernagentswy.com

Going Above and Beyond

Western Agents, Inc. goes above and beyond basic legal requirements by offering these added value services to our customers

Protecting your privacy
Wyoming is a national leader in business privacy protection. We understand how important that is to many of our clients. We put a brick wall between your company’s public exposure and its actual owners.
Staying in touch with you so we know when you move and how to find you
We forward important documents directed to your company at our mailing address to yours, so you receive the information and notices you need.
Hosting you and your business associates in our office for meetings
At Western Agents, LLC we can host you and your business associates in our office for your annual business meeting or for special meetings by appointment. We are just 2½ blocks east of the Jackson Town Square and its delicious food, comfortable coffee shops, great bookstore, interesting art galleries and lots of other pleasant diversions.
Assisting you with annual reports
If you need help completing your annual report to the Wyoming Secretary of State, let us know. We don’t do this for you, but we can point you in the right direction.
Advising you on reinstatements
Assisting your company if it needs to be reinstated after it is administratively dissolved.
Referring specialists to you
Referring specialists with proven track records of good service in fields of business law, accountancy, business succession, business strategy, website development, IT and estate planning.
Maintaining cordial relations with the Wyoming Secretary of State
Maintaining warm and cordial relations with the staff in the Business Division of the Office of the Wyoming Secretary of State. The identity of Wyoming’s elected Secretary of State has changed many times over the years, but that Office’s commitment to fast, friendly, and well-trained service has remained constant. We love the people who work in the Business Divisio
Welcoming you to Jackson Hole
Welcoming you to the world-class setting of Jackson Hole, Wyoming – with 40+ years of local experience to share with you so you quickly find the activities and services that you want and need.
Offering you access to a private ranch for corporate retreats and meetings
Offering you unique and exclusive access to secluded private ranch property for business meetings in the shelter of a beautifully appointed wall tent with woodstove or either of two big tipis with couches, side tables and a center, clean-burning fire pit; additional food service and beverage support from a skilled camp chef and kitchen crew is available by appointment. For those with an appetite for adventure, we can get you there in style in a stunning hand-made wooden dory with an expert commercial Snake River guide. The ranch site is available for winter use too, including over-snow sleigh rides behind a matched pair of gorgeous Belgian draft horses. To learn more about this amazing experience visit Jackson Hole Vintage Adventures website.
Being fun to work with!
We enjoy the company of entrepreneurs and established businesspeople. We are grateful to be a part of the economic engine and legal system that helps make Wyoming and its special Jackson Hole community one of the last great places on earth.

International Business 
Hosting Situs

Western Agents, Inc. is pleased to provide a registered office and registered agent services for international clients who locate their businesses in Wyoming. The legal stability and safety of the United States is a powerful attraction for many international citizens. Within the United States, the tremendous privacy protection, low annual upkeep costs, absence of corporate income tax, and ease of entity operation make the State of Wyoming a highly preferred situs. Within Wyoming, remarkably varied direct flight routes in and out of the Jackson Hole Airport make travel exceptionally easy. The world-class hospitality, wildlife resources, scenic beauty, family outdoor education programs, and the adventure attractions of the Snake River, Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone

National Park add value to Jackson Hole as your legal business situs. Jackson Hole is a great location for annual company meetings, strategic planning workshops, retreats for business families, and reward incentives for top performing employees and leaders. 

Western Agents, Inc. lets you affiliate with a host service provider who appreciates cultural diversity, is curious to learn about people and places around the world, has traveled throughout the United States, below the Antarctic Circle, north to the Beaufort Sea, across Asia, down to New Zealand, through many countries in Europe, and into Central and South America. We understand the need to operate business in a safe, private and reliable context.


Business and Estate Planning Services

Additional legal services are available for business and estate planning clients through our host office, Carlman Legal Services, LLC.


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